Enhancing DataTrail Data Science Education: The BaltimoreTrails R Package and Dashboard

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Project Overview

(R Package and Shiny-based Dashboard)

Data science education is a rapidly evolving field, with a growing demand for interactive and personalized learning experiences. The DataTrail curriculum, developed by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, is a pioneering initiative in this regard, offering a comprehensive and accessible platform for data science learning. This work introduces BaltimoreTrails, a tool designed to enhance the existing DataTrail curriculum by integrating local data and providing interactive tools for data manipulation and visualization. BaltimoreTrails, the focus of this work, is a comprehensive tool that integrates Baltimore datasets into an interactive Shiny Web-App, providing a localized and relevant learning experience for students. Additionally, this work presents the development of an R package, offering a suite of functions and tools for data manipulation and visualization. This package, designed to be user-friendly and accessible, is a valuable resource for both students and teachers. The development of BaltimoreTrails is a significant contribution to the DataTrail initiative, enhancing its capabilities and expanding its reach.